30 Dec

I have been writing so many articles on year 2012 and year 2013 in recent times and I think I will still write a couple more before the year 2012 winds down. Don’t get tired because it is going to be on different issues that are so important. I am so happy for many reasons and I am grateful for the friends I have who have kept me in top mood.

For few weeks now or even a month, my friends on my BBM list have been appreciating their friends in one way or the other. Some have done this by just having pictures of their friends as their display picture(DP) for some minutes or even a few hours, others take it a step further by sending broadcast messages(BCs) while a particular friend of mine went a little more personal by sending me a personal message via BBM. While this is so common to those of us on BBM, it is less common using SMS or even through other means of communication.

It really made me happy that I have friends who appreciate our friendship and are willing to say  THANK YOU to me for being their friend. Though, I am not a big fan of showing appreciations by displaying pictures, sending broadcast messages, sending SMSes or even calling but I do appreciate all my friends and that’s why I have taking time out to write this article for them.

I might not be able to write the names of all my friends or even state what they have done for me personally in one way or the other, but all I just want to say is THANK YOU for being a friend in 2012. I have got to appreciate my friends for so many reasons.

THE HAPPY TIMES– These were times when you were the source of my joy and happiness. These times really made me feel loved accepted and appreciated. These times boost my confidence and made me feel that the world starts and ends with you. For all this I say THANK YOU


THE SAD TIMES– These were times when you let me down. These times I felt rejected, dejected, disappointed and unappreciated. I don’t hold it against you because, the sad times made me stronger and more experienced in dealing with life issues. For all this times, I also say THANK YOU.


THE TIMES OF SHARING- These were times when I was in dire need of help, assistance, advice, money (hmm!) and every other thing and you were always there to rescue and help me out of the situation. For all these times, I say THANK YOU.

thank you 2

Finally, for all my friends that were in hibernate mode throughout 2012, the year 2013 is another year, we can make it better because friends are major parts of our lives. For those that have been there till now and till the end of the year, let’s do it in the New Year again.

To my numerous readers, find time to say a word of appreciation to your friends, it really goes a long way in helping your friendship grow. i just did and i hope you will too.

While I was writing this article, one song came to my mind and I will be dedicating this song to all my friends wherever they are.


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  1. rich tee

    December 31, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Wow…. Am inspired… Thumbs up…



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