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Hello peeps, it’s good to be back here again to pick up from where I stopped that last time. What do I have today…*thinking*…okay, I am writing on a subject that I feel will affect most of us  because it is a thing that we overlook most times but which can be very helpful and beneficial in many ways.

Have you seen this abbreviation anywhere before now, D.I.Y. not many of us will readily remember what it means except for the headline of this article, it actually stands for DO IT YOURSELF which I will be referring to as DIY in this article.

DIY is actually as the name implies is refers to any activity that you do yourself without calling on the attention of a skilled personnel or a professional. Most cases, DIY occurs when we need to build, modify or repair something. Let me share my experience before I continue with the article

ImageTwo days back, I was in the kitchen cooking and my mom was also there too at about 8:00 PM, when suddenly the bulb went off and there was total darkness in the kitchen. It was so dark that we could barely see ourselves until I brought out my phone, thank God that it had torchlight. As was the custom in my house, replacing a burnt bulb was always never an issue, so I got a new bulb, got the domestic ladder and 1, 2, 3 up I went to the top of the ladder fix the bulb, and as I was about doing that, the lamp holder just pulled off the wire that it was attached to. On seeing this, the next word that came out of my mum’s mouth was the name of our electrician. Obviously, my mum was implying that we will need to call on the electrician to come and fix it. The electrician is one young man who does every electrical work in our house, from installation to maintenance to repairs, so it was not out-of-place that she mentioned his name.

But I was immediately infuriated for so many reasons, ranging from the fact that I could do but I wouldn’t be given a chance to the fact that if they decide to call the electrician, he will bring a bill for just fixing a lamp holder back to its place and replacing the bulb. That moment I resolved that I was going to imbibe the spirit of DIY, which I successfully did and the kitchen is lightened up again.

There are so many benefits when you DIY. You will be able to save the money you are supposed to give professionals for doing what you actually can do. As much as you may feel that this amounts are so small, but the truth is this little amounts of money when saved will obviously make a huge amount in no time.

Another benefit of DIY is the fact that you get to become knowledgeable in areas you never would have thought you could. There’s a popular sayings. ‘’no knowledge is a waste’’, that is the result when you DIY, you never can tell when that knowledge u gathered from doing it yourself will be needed and appreciated.

ImageFurthermore, when you DIY, it gives you confidence that no matter what time of the day or month or year that anything needs repair, you’ll certainly have no fear of not getting professionals, since you can do it yourself. Though, while it is true that it’s not all faults that we can fix ourselves but the little ones that don’t need some much skill can be done without the help of any skilled personnel.

Finally, DIY cuts across many aspects of life, it isn’t limited to a particular sphere, so everybody can Learn to DIY today as it goes a long way in helping you solve some minor issues on time every time.

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fatherimages My parents are the greatest influence that I have ever had in life and for this I am most grateful. To so many people, there are so many things that they to show that they appreciate their parents. Now, I have seen many people write articles to appreciate their parents especially their mothers but I am going the opposite direction on this one. I am simply going to dedicate this article to the man who has faith in me no matter how many times I disappoint him. The man who knows I am capable of doing anything I set up heart to no matter how many times I fail. The man who gets annoyed with me when I misbehaves and still understands that it’s youthful exuberance and still encourages me to be better in everything I do. This is for the greatest influence in my life and I proud to call him my DAD.

My dad might not get to read this for many reasons amongst which are the fact that he doesn’t just browse for no specific reason, most times when he is on the internet he has something he has to do and once he is done with it, he just logs out and disconnects. Also, he doesn’t know I operate this blog for whatever reason, so he just might not see this article, but if peradventure he gets to see this, I just want him to know that he is doing a great job in making me the man who can stand on his own despite my many disappointments.

My dad is one man who anyone will like once you interact with him. He is principled yet very flexible. He wants the best for me because it’s for me own good not because he wants a return from me when I start making my own ends meet. My dad is one man who if every dad were to be like him, then the world will be a better place to live in. My dad makes me want to look forward to every day. My dad is a man who is good at what he does and wants me to be good at what I do.

No amount of money will be enough to appreciate my dad, no gift can I buy to say thank you and no better way to celebrate my dad, than taking this time out to write this few words to tell the whole world how much I appreciate and celebrate the most important man in my life; MY DAD.

dad u r d best To a caring father, a loving husband to my mum, a mentor, a role model, a coach, a team leader, an inspiration and a worthy leader, I say thank you so much for all you have done and yet to do and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. This is dedicated to everybody that feels his/her dad has or has had a positive influence on his/her life. Follow on twitter: @kelsmooth_ng

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There is a sparkle in her eyes
That every time she hides
After I analyze
It is only my eyes
That seems to realize

I saw the lines
Not only from the sides
They were not slimes
But suppressed smiles

I bet she tries
Her feelings she hides
But even from the skies
Angels could hear her cries
That she slides
Deep in sides
That I shouldn’t find

She takes long strides
Invisible but wide
It all coincides
But she’s afraid to collide

If her mind I could hypnotize
Her heart I would colonize
Her feelings she would initialize
Before she’ll ever realize

Our hearts we’ll combine
Our thoughts we’ll compile

But she hides that shine
The one in her eyes
I think she’s in love…
In love’s dirty dice.


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Now, this is one subject matter that I have a lot interest in and that’s because I used to have a different opinion and view about the subject matter then from what I have now. Overtime, so many things have changed about what I think about it.

sophie briggsSome days ago, I was having a chat with a female friend of mine who was bitterly complaining about her tummy (stomach) which used to be flat has now gone bigger and no longer flat. She was really bothered that she sought advice on what she could use to reduce the size of the tummy and actually take it back to its flat nature.

I am neither a doctor nor have any medical knowledge of any sort so obviously I couldn’t prescribe any medical solution to the situation but I decided to share my own thoughts on the matter and I made her see reasons why she shouldn’t be too bothered about the  whole issue of getting her tummy back to the flat nature, if it wouldn’t  just go back to being flat. This immediately made me remember this topic I had always wanted to write on but I guess this is definitely the most appropriate of times to write on it.

While we were chatting, she actually said something that I totally agree with, she said that everyone wants a lady with a flat tummy, which is considerably true. But I asked her a question, I said, “what happens if that lady that a man started dating while she had her flat tummy now with time turns a lady with a big tummy”? Now the essence of that question was to make her remember that changes occur constantly and people change so also features in people. A slim lady today can become a fat lady tomorrow while that fat lady that everybody believes is too fat can lose weight tomorrow and become slim, so nothing stays permanent in this life so also beauty.

On a much grand scale, beauty while of course is the attraction point most times between a man and a lady but I don’t believe it should be the main reason while two people should date themselves. The physical beauty while it’s very good thing is just a gift of nature which should not determine who one dates or not. What happens if that beautiful partner of ours loses that beautiful part of him/her that we were dating the person for, it only simply mean that we will lose interest and bolt away like Hussein bolt on the track.

oyebanji jnrBeauty should be seen from the inside rather than the physical appearance. There are so many beautiful young ladies out there with very nice curves, flat tummy, well-structured face, flawless skins and well carved out figure that end up being the wrong type of lady for any man while the ones who might not be physically beautiful becomes the goddess in the house that makes everything run smoothly.

As we grow older so many things change about us and our body features. These are only natural changes that must occur with time so that lady with that flat tummy could lose it tomorrow, that man with very smooth face could also lose.  A musician once said in his song, “you are beautiful the way” so there is no need to want to be like the next girl. There is that one person out there who likes you just the way you are.

While I am not in any way by this post saying that we shouldn’t take care of our physical appearance, I am only saying that for those that are naturally beautiful then it’s a good one but for those that are less than beautiful they shouldn’t be discouraged. Look for that special thing in you that others don’t have and make it your beauty mark.

Finally, going into a relationship with a person should be for a more cogent reason other than the person’s beauty because changes occur and that feature in that person could just be gone with time and leave you in a wilderness of your own thoughts.

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Many a times, I found myself feeling down and inadequate to continue something I started because I feel I am not doing it up to standard or am just not good enough in doing it. At those times, I just remember one particular quote that has always got me going and I say it loudly, “it can only get better” and at those times I found out that I just get up, puts my acts together and get going.

it acn only get better

For some very few reasons, this quote gets me going because in everything I do, the room to always get better is always left open. One thing, if I feel so inadequate about what I am doing and being tempted to believe that I am not good enough at what I do, then I simply say ,”it can only get better”. I never give up whenever i remember this magic quote.

Yet another reason why I keep going back to that quote is that even when I feel that I am good at what I do, I know that I can’t get it 100 per cent right, then I also look at myself and say that it can always get better. This quote is so important to me that I keep coming back to it over and over and over again because, every sphere of life is improved based on the fact that everything we do van always get better. As a blogger, though I might not have gotten to the vantage point, I might even still be at the bottom of the ladder with respect to writing good articles with very good style of writing, but it can only get better.

For me, that is the magic quote that gets me going, what is yours, and why do you go back to it again and again?

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For quite some days now, I have really been discouraged about writing articles for this blog and it really weighed me down because I always get that feeling when I start out on something, in the middle of the task, I just lose interest and stop everything. It had always giving me concern and have even gotten me in troubles but I have never really bothered much about finding a solution not until now that it’s beginning to affect my dream of becoming a full-time blogger and probably a writer.

I have read a lot of books and articles on what the problem really could be and was able to come out with a reasonable solution that got me back on my feet so here I am coming up with a summary article that helped me and could help any other person who might have similar challenges as I did to come out of it and continue what they have started.

do what you loveFirstly, in combating the challenge of losing interest in blogging, I had to think about the reason I started blogging, how long it took me to muster up the courage to start and how much I really do love blogging. Getting to know the reason you started a task with ultimately help you to continue whatever it is you are doing.

Then, i took a look at where i started from and what i have accomplished. “The journey of a thousand years starts with just a single step”, The most important part of the whole challenge is that you have started the task and continuing it should not be as difficult as starting.

Nobody-notices_Sign_01-560x560Furthermore, I was also spurred on by thinking on how I have fared in just the few days that I have started blogging, the reactions I have gotten so far. If you have the feeling that you are doing smoothly though might not be as good as you want it, it should spur you on to continue, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You don’t expect to your destination just as soon as you start the journey.

Getting into a cycle will also be of immense benefit. What I mean by this is that you should get acquainted with people that do the same or almost the same kind of task as you. I have been able to hook up with other bloggers and seeing their blogs have really inspired me positively to continue writing.

rewardsYou should also make goals and reward yourself when you get to the desired goal set. As a blogger, I made a goal of writing at least an article a day and I have been doing that. Though I failed to write a single article in two days but I didn’t feel too bad because it’s part of the process. It made me only more determined to want to achieve my goal and never stopping until the desired goal is achieved.

Learn new things about what you are doing. As a blogger, I have learnt so many new things that even when I am not writing, I feel I am missing out on a lot of thing and this has got me back into what I am doing. Learning a new thing in what you do will go a long way to helping you in getting your groove on.

Doing what you do continuously will reap rich rewards if you do not tire out. You can learn from my experience and I am sure it will go a long way in pulling you out of the muddy waters of losing interest in what you.

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2012 has come and gone, 2013 is finally here. From all of us at, we say a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to our numerous readers.

We promise to make 2013 a very wonderful one for you all.

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