04 Jan

For quite some days now, I have really been discouraged about writing articles for this blog and it really weighed me down because I always get that feeling when I start out on something, in the middle of the task, I just lose interest and stop everything. It had always giving me concern and have even gotten me in troubles but I have never really bothered much about finding a solution not until now that it’s beginning to affect my dream of becoming a full-time blogger and probably a writer.

I have read a lot of books and articles on what the problem really could be and was able to come out with a reasonable solution that got me back on my feet so here I am coming up with a summary article that helped me and could help any other person who might have similar challenges as I did to come out of it and continue what they have started.

do what you loveFirstly, in combating the challenge of losing interest in blogging, I had to think about the reason I started blogging, how long it took me to muster up the courage to start and how much I really do love blogging. Getting to know the reason you started a task with ultimately help you to continue whatever it is you are doing.

Then, i took a look at where i started from and what i have accomplished. “The journey of a thousand years starts with just a single step”, The most important part of the whole challenge is that you have started the task and continuing it should not be as difficult as starting.

Nobody-notices_Sign_01-560x560Furthermore, I was also spurred on by thinking on how I have fared in just the few days that I have started blogging, the reactions I have gotten so far. If you have the feeling that you are doing smoothly though might not be as good as you want it, it should spur you on to continue, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You don’t expect to your destination just as soon as you start the journey.

Getting into a cycle will also be of immense benefit. What I mean by this is that you should get acquainted with people that do the same or almost the same kind of task as you. I have been able to hook up with other bloggers and seeing their blogs have really inspired me positively to continue writing.

rewardsYou should also make goals and reward yourself when you get to the desired goal set. As a blogger, I made a goal of writing at least an article a day and I have been doing that. Though I failed to write a single article in two days but I didn’t feel too bad because it’s part of the process. It made me only more determined to want to achieve my goal and never stopping until the desired goal is achieved.

Learn new things about what you are doing. As a blogger, I have learnt so many new things that even when I am not writing, I feel I am missing out on a lot of thing and this has got me back into what I am doing. Learning a new thing in what you do will go a long way to helping you in getting your groove on.

Doing what you do continuously will reap rich rewards if you do not tire out. You can learn from my experience and I am sure it will go a long way in pulling you out of the muddy waters of losing interest in what you.

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One response to “KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO

  1. mo'cute

    January 8, 2013 at 11:32 am

    thanx so much kelsmooth…u ve helped me a lot wif dis



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