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Recently, a guy was complaining about how a particular lady he likes so much turned him down because they have been very close friends for a long period. This closeness over the years has made the lady start seeing the guy as a brother and for this singular reason she won’t be able to date the guy.

This is one of the many experiences I get everyday of ladies saying a guy who had become so close to them has automatically turned their brother, placing them in a zone known as ‘brother zone’. Unfortunately a few guys have started joining the trend placing ladies in ‘sister zone’ .. 

This brings me to a very important issue I will like to address. How reasonable is it not dating a guy or a lady because you see him as a brother or sister .. 

I will be writing from a guy’s point of being placed in a ‘brother zone’ while of course my thoughts here can also be seen from the ladies angle … 

For one thing , I think it’s the best feeling in the world if you get to date some body very close to you. If we were  in a society where it’s cool to date a family member, some of us will probably be dating a family member because of the closeness. 

You  already know each other in and out that the period for getting to know each other is already thrown out and of course there is genuineness in the character display of both parties because there was no intentions or whatsoever while getting to know each other . 

For another thing, it makes the relationship easy to operate. The guy already knows what the lady likes and dislikes, wants and don’t want, and it’s easier to abide by them because he is used to them over time . 

Yet another reason is the fact that the guy will not want to do what will hurt the lady due to the fact they have been coming a long time as friends not just as a lover now, of course we attach so much importance to how we treat our friends. Then, in the event of any hurtful actions, it’s easier to resolve when you are dating a very close friend. It’s always fun dating a close friend .

Some ladies will argue that he already knows all their secrets and they know his, hence he is too close. Last time I checked, keeping secrets from each other destroys relationship. So knowing each other’s secrets is a plus to the relationship as this will eliminate any traces of suspicion and hidden activities and encourage openness.

To borrow the words of Adekunle Gold, “na only me my mama born“, in other words I know my brother when I see him. So in all seriousness, I am not your brother and you not my sister so why close the door to a wonderful opportunity that could last a life time .

My sister, when next you have the chance to date a very close friend who you feel is a brother, please jump at the offer as this will save you a lot of stress in meeting a new person, doing the initial shakara, getting to know him, accepting his proposal and then learning more things about him which might not be an easy process.

These are my thoughts as expressed in this article, I will love to read your take on the above subject as I know it differs from one person to the other .

Thank you for reading, I will be back soon.
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From me, myself and I, I wish you a very wonderful valentines day with the one(s) you love.


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fatherimages My parents are the greatest influence that I have ever had in life and for this I am most grateful. To so many people, there are so many things that they to show that they appreciate their parents. Now, I have seen many people write articles to appreciate their parents especially their mothers but I am going the opposite direction on this one. I am simply going to dedicate this article to the man who has faith in me no matter how many times I disappoint him. The man who knows I am capable of doing anything I set up heart to no matter how many times I fail. The man who gets annoyed with me when I misbehaves and still understands that it’s youthful exuberance and still encourages me to be better in everything I do. This is for the greatest influence in my life and I proud to call him my DAD.

My dad might not get to read this for many reasons amongst which are the fact that he doesn’t just browse for no specific reason, most times when he is on the internet he has something he has to do and once he is done with it, he just logs out and disconnects. Also, he doesn’t know I operate this blog for whatever reason, so he just might not see this article, but if peradventure he gets to see this, I just want him to know that he is doing a great job in making me the man who can stand on his own despite my many disappointments.

My dad is one man who anyone will like once you interact with him. He is principled yet very flexible. He wants the best for me because it’s for me own good not because he wants a return from me when I start making my own ends meet. My dad is one man who if every dad were to be like him, then the world will be a better place to live in. My dad makes me want to look forward to every day. My dad is a man who is good at what he does and wants me to be good at what I do.

No amount of money will be enough to appreciate my dad, no gift can I buy to say thank you and no better way to celebrate my dad, than taking this time out to write this few words to tell the whole world how much I appreciate and celebrate the most important man in my life; MY DAD.

dad u r d best To a caring father, a loving husband to my mum, a mentor, a role model, a coach, a team leader, an inspiration and a worthy leader, I say thank you so much for all you have done and yet to do and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. This is dedicated to everybody that feels his/her dad has or has had a positive influence on his/her life. Follow on twitter: @kelsmooth_ng

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There is a sparkle in her eyes
That every time she hides
After I analyze
It is only my eyes
That seems to realize

I saw the lines
Not only from the sides
They were not slimes
But suppressed smiles

I bet she tries
Her feelings she hides
But even from the skies
Angels could hear her cries
That she slides
Deep in sides
That I shouldn’t find

She takes long strides
Invisible but wide
It all coincides
But she’s afraid to collide

If her mind I could hypnotize
Her heart I would colonize
Her feelings she would initialize
Before she’ll ever realize

Our hearts we’ll combine
Our thoughts we’ll compile

But she hides that shine
The one in her eyes
I think she’s in love…
In love’s dirty dice.


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Now, this is one subject matter that I have a lot interest in and that’s because I used to have a different opinion and view about the subject matter then from what I have now. Overtime, so many things have changed about what I think about it.

sophie briggsSome days ago, I was having a chat with a female friend of mine who was bitterly complaining about her tummy (stomach) which used to be flat has now gone bigger and no longer flat. She was really bothered that she sought advice on what she could use to reduce the size of the tummy and actually take it back to its flat nature.

I am neither a doctor nor have any medical knowledge of any sort so obviously I couldn’t prescribe any medical solution to the situation but I decided to share my own thoughts on the matter and I made her see reasons why she shouldn’t be too bothered about the  whole issue of getting her tummy back to the flat nature, if it wouldn’t  just go back to being flat. This immediately made me remember this topic I had always wanted to write on but I guess this is definitely the most appropriate of times to write on it.

While we were chatting, she actually said something that I totally agree with, she said that everyone wants a lady with a flat tummy, which is considerably true. But I asked her a question, I said, “what happens if that lady that a man started dating while she had her flat tummy now with time turns a lady with a big tummy”? Now the essence of that question was to make her remember that changes occur constantly and people change so also features in people. A slim lady today can become a fat lady tomorrow while that fat lady that everybody believes is too fat can lose weight tomorrow and become slim, so nothing stays permanent in this life so also beauty.

On a much grand scale, beauty while of course is the attraction point most times between a man and a lady but I don’t believe it should be the main reason while two people should date themselves. The physical beauty while it’s very good thing is just a gift of nature which should not determine who one dates or not. What happens if that beautiful partner of ours loses that beautiful part of him/her that we were dating the person for, it only simply mean that we will lose interest and bolt away like Hussein bolt on the track.

oyebanji jnrBeauty should be seen from the inside rather than the physical appearance. There are so many beautiful young ladies out there with very nice curves, flat tummy, well-structured face, flawless skins and well carved out figure that end up being the wrong type of lady for any man while the ones who might not be physically beautiful becomes the goddess in the house that makes everything run smoothly.

As we grow older so many things change about us and our body features. These are only natural changes that must occur with time so that lady with that flat tummy could lose it tomorrow, that man with very smooth face could also lose.  A musician once said in his song, “you are beautiful the way” so there is no need to want to be like the next girl. There is that one person out there who likes you just the way you are.

While I am not in any way by this post saying that we shouldn’t take care of our physical appearance, I am only saying that for those that are naturally beautiful then it’s a good one but for those that are less than beautiful they shouldn’t be discouraged. Look for that special thing in you that others don’t have and make it your beauty mark.

Finally, going into a relationship with a person should be for a more cogent reason other than the person’s beauty because changes occur and that feature in that person could just be gone with time and leave you in a wilderness of your own thoughts.

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I have been writing so many articles on year 2012 and year 2013 in recent times and I think I will still write a couple more before the year 2012 winds down. Don’t get tired because it is going to be on different issues that are so important. I am so happy for many reasons and I am grateful for the friends I have who have kept me in top mood.

For few weeks now or even a month, my friends on my BBM list have been appreciating their friends in one way or the other. Some have done this by just having pictures of their friends as their display picture(DP) for some minutes or even a few hours, others take it a step further by sending broadcast messages(BCs) while a particular friend of mine went a little more personal by sending me a personal message via BBM. While this is so common to those of us on BBM, it is less common using SMS or even through other means of communication.

It really made me happy that I have friends who appreciate our friendship and are willing to say  THANK YOU to me for being their friend. Though, I am not a big fan of showing appreciations by displaying pictures, sending broadcast messages, sending SMSes or even calling but I do appreciate all my friends and that’s why I have taking time out to write this article for them.

I might not be able to write the names of all my friends or even state what they have done for me personally in one way or the other, but all I just want to say is THANK YOU for being a friend in 2012. I have got to appreciate my friends for so many reasons.

THE HAPPY TIMES– These were times when you were the source of my joy and happiness. These times really made me feel loved accepted and appreciated. These times boost my confidence and made me feel that the world starts and ends with you. For all this I say THANK YOU


THE SAD TIMES– These were times when you let me down. These times I felt rejected, dejected, disappointed and unappreciated. I don’t hold it against you because, the sad times made me stronger and more experienced in dealing with life issues. For all this times, I also say THANK YOU.


THE TIMES OF SHARING- These were times when I was in dire need of help, assistance, advice, money (hmm!) and every other thing and you were always there to rescue and help me out of the situation. For all these times, I say THANK YOU.

thank you 2

Finally, for all my friends that were in hibernate mode throughout 2012, the year 2013 is another year, we can make it better because friends are major parts of our lives. For those that have been there till now and till the end of the year, let’s do it in the New Year again.

To my numerous readers, find time to say a word of appreciation to your friends, it really goes a long way in helping your friendship grow. i just did and i hope you will too.

While I was writing this article, one song came to my mind and I will be dedicating this song to all my friends wherever they are.


Download here:

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tracy 1 tracy 2

Yeah! I know I am going to get more views this time compared to my former post on NEW YEAR RESOLUTION because we all want to hold somebody this festive season but I am so sorry to disappoint you, that is just the title of a song I so much love and believe in that I want share with my readers.

So many of us will by now be thinking of the title, trying to decipher who sang while some others by now already know the song that I am writing about. I didn’t just pick this song to write about, I picked it because of the lyrics, the effect the song will have on us if we ever pay the tiniest of attentions to what the singer was saying in that song and the timelessness of the song.

The song is no other than BABY, LET ME HOLD YOU TONIGHT by TRACY CHAPMAN. This song was released off her self-titled album ‘TRACY CHAPMAN’ in the year ‘1988’. The song obviously did lots of good for TRACY and will sure do lots of good to us too if we care enough to listen to her.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

Is all that you can’t say
Years gone by and still
Words don’t come easily
Like sorry like sorry

Forgive me
Is all that you can’t say
Years gone by and still
Words don’t come easily
Like forgive me forgive me

But you can say baby
Baby can I hold you tonight
Maybe if I told you the right words
At the right time you’d be mine

I love you
Is all that you can’t say
Years gone by and still
Words don’t come easily
Like I love you I love you.


Tracy chapman in this song was trying to not just emphasizing the importance of romantic love, but also singing on how the world will be if we all learn to use the words ‘I am sorry’ and ‘forgive me’.  These words could be quite  difficult to say especially when we are the ones to say them but saying them does  a lot of good and heals a lot of wounds.

So, as we round up 2012, if we feel there is one person out there that you feel there is the need to go say those words to, don’t hesitate, do it right away enter into the new year, lets always remember this song and continue toi say ‘I am sorry’ and ‘ forgive me’ whenever we feel the need to.

Get lyrics here

Download mp3 here

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