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imagesMany a times, we hear that accidents victims are refused treatment because there is no initial deposit of funds for their treatment and most often than not these victims end up dead. It only makes me wonder what is wrong with the medical profession. I ask myself many questions like: are these medical practitioners not humans with feeling? Are they also being thought to be wicked in the medical school (because that is how I see it)? Is money more important than saving the lives of people that they actually went to school for? Did they actually go to medical school because they want to save lives or because of the money? So many questions come into my mind when I hear or read about such ugly incidents.

On the other hand, I don’t want to be too judgmental towards these medical practitioners as we have seen a lot of them render treatment to victims or patients without initial deposit of money and at the end of the treatment don’t get their money paid. Of course, no body will want to venture into a business to make a loss, so also, these medical practitioners spend a lot of funds on the treatment of one patient or accident victim and it will only be so heart-breaking and spirit-damping not to the necessary money after the treatment. Evaluating these two situations only made make wonder who really should pay more attention to medical care, should it be the government or the private sector.

I will be baring my own candid opinion on the subject on who I feel should be more involved in medical care. To start with, I will say that the government should have more part to play in the provision of medical care.

Firstly, the government’s responsible involvement will obviously reduce the cost of treatment that we get as the private hospitals. It has become a very common practice for this private hospitals to exaggerate the level of illness of a patients and the treatment in order to give out a very huge bill because that is the reason why there were set up; maximizing more profits than the treatment given to a patient. The government will help reduce the cost of treatment since their main aim of setting up such hospitals is not solely for profit-making but for rendering proper medical services to the people who need them.

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Another major reason is the facilities available in these hospitals. If we were to draw a comparison between the facilities in government and private hospitals, we’ll see that there are no basis for comparison. Most private hospitals around don’t have enough facilities in terms on both human resources and materials compare to the government hospitals and this is due largely to the fact that the government have much more money to invest in this hospitals.

The availability of specialists is another reason why the government should provide medical care. In very many private hospitals, we have a very few number of doctors who oversee the general affair of hospitals and have nurses who provides assistance, while of courses, the government hospitals also have nurses, but they have an overwhelming number of specialists who see to different department of the hospitals. In a typical government hospital, there are departments such as dentistry, cardiology, intensive care unit

(ICU), accidents & emergency (A&E),ear, nose and throat(ENT), gynaecology, maternity, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, pharmacy to mention just a few because the list goes on. These departments all have heads that are specialized in that particular field. A private hospital will hardly be able to boast of these departments with a high number of specialists.

Finally, the availability of these healthcare services to the rural area is largely dependent on the government. I have discovered that the very best of these private hospitals will only establish in urban areas where they can maximize profits. With the involvement of the government in the health care, those in the rural areas will have access to quality health care at a very low and affordable cost.

I wont complete this article without saying that the government will really have to pay attention to  this sector if they must provide quality healthcare to the people they govern because it has been noticed that the government hospitals have been left unfunded, this is due to the lackadaisical attitude of the government. I am using this medium to call on the government to be more responsible with respect to funding the health sector.

What’s your view on the health sector in your area, do you feel that the government should be responsible for providing health care or it should be left to the private sector?

NB: I wrote this article with respect to my environment, what is attainable where I am might be quite different from yours so you might have a different opinion. Feel free to share your opinion.

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As a blogger, writing is the major thing i do, while reading helps me to broaden my scopes and ideas. Reading also helps to create a mental picture of what i want our next article to look like; therefore it is highly important for a blogger to always read.

tumblr_md4y22bshM1qbrk03o1_500If I have to design my ideal reading and writing space, what will it have? I am going go let you into my world as a new blogger and what I wish desire and dream that my ideal writing and reading room will grow into.

The very first things in an ideal writing and reading room will be the furniture-table and chair. A very comfortable, spacious and well-designed table and chair will be of paramount interest because as a blogger, a lot of writing needs to be done. I obviously won’t be on a standing position and expecting to churn out wonderfully written articles.

After my furniture, my writing materials will be next. By writing materials, I mean my pen, pencil, notepad and writing paper. these are highly necessary because some articles take more than just a sitting to write, so as the ideas and points come, I will have to just write them down in my note pad before developing them into full articles worth publishing.

A book shelf and a mini-library will also not be a bad idea for my dream reading and writing space. This will enable me to keep a catalogue of books and refer to them in the event that I might need references for my articles.

Then, a computer system, most preferably a laptop connected to the internet will make the space a very complete space. As a blogger, reading blogs of other bloggers should be a routine thing. It will help you create a community of friends where ideas can be shared and exchanged. It will also enable me have insight into articles I want to write and I can do online reference for the article. With the aid of the internet, I will be able to publish my fully written article for my readers to read.

That’s just my dream reading and writing space, what is your ideal reading and writing space?

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Hello peeps, it’s good to be back here again to pick up from where I stopped that last time. What do I have today…*thinking*…okay, I am writing on a subject that I feel will affect most of us  because it is a thing that we overlook most times but which can be very helpful and beneficial in many ways.

Have you seen this abbreviation anywhere before now, D.I.Y. not many of us will readily remember what it means except for the headline of this article, it actually stands for DO IT YOURSELF which I will be referring to as DIY in this article.

DIY is actually as the name implies is refers to any activity that you do yourself without calling on the attention of a skilled personnel or a professional. Most cases, DIY occurs when we need to build, modify or repair something. Let me share my experience before I continue with the article

ImageTwo days back, I was in the kitchen cooking and my mom was also there too at about 8:00 PM, when suddenly the bulb went off and there was total darkness in the kitchen. It was so dark that we could barely see ourselves until I brought out my phone, thank God that it had torchlight. As was the custom in my house, replacing a burnt bulb was always never an issue, so I got a new bulb, got the domestic ladder and 1, 2, 3 up I went to the top of the ladder fix the bulb, and as I was about doing that, the lamp holder just pulled off the wire that it was attached to. On seeing this, the next word that came out of my mum’s mouth was the name of our electrician. Obviously, my mum was implying that we will need to call on the electrician to come and fix it. The electrician is one young man who does every electrical work in our house, from installation to maintenance to repairs, so it was not out-of-place that she mentioned his name.

But I was immediately infuriated for so many reasons, ranging from the fact that I could do but I wouldn’t be given a chance to the fact that if they decide to call the electrician, he will bring a bill for just fixing a lamp holder back to its place and replacing the bulb. That moment I resolved that I was going to imbibe the spirit of DIY, which I successfully did and the kitchen is lightened up again.

There are so many benefits when you DIY. You will be able to save the money you are supposed to give professionals for doing what you actually can do. As much as you may feel that this amounts are so small, but the truth is this little amounts of money when saved will obviously make a huge amount in no time.

Another benefit of DIY is the fact that you get to become knowledgeable in areas you never would have thought you could. There’s a popular sayings. ‘’no knowledge is a waste’’, that is the result when you DIY, you never can tell when that knowledge u gathered from doing it yourself will be needed and appreciated.

ImageFurthermore, when you DIY, it gives you confidence that no matter what time of the day or month or year that anything needs repair, you’ll certainly have no fear of not getting professionals, since you can do it yourself. Though, while it is true that it’s not all faults that we can fix ourselves but the little ones that don’t need some much skill can be done without the help of any skilled personnel.

Finally, DIY cuts across many aspects of life, it isn’t limited to a particular sphere, so everybody can Learn to DIY today as it goes a long way in helping you solve some minor issues on time every time.

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Many a times, I found myself feeling down and inadequate to continue something I started because I feel I am not doing it up to standard or am just not good enough in doing it. At those times, I just remember one particular quote that has always got me going and I say it loudly, “it can only get better” and at those times I found out that I just get up, puts my acts together and get going.

it acn only get better

For some very few reasons, this quote gets me going because in everything I do, the room to always get better is always left open. One thing, if I feel so inadequate about what I am doing and being tempted to believe that I am not good enough at what I do, then I simply say ,”it can only get better”. I never give up whenever i remember this magic quote.

Yet another reason why I keep going back to that quote is that even when I feel that I am good at what I do, I know that I can’t get it 100 per cent right, then I also look at myself and say that it can always get better. This quote is so important to me that I keep coming back to it over and over and over again because, every sphere of life is improved based on the fact that everything we do van always get better. As a blogger, though I might not have gotten to the vantage point, I might even still be at the bottom of the ladder with respect to writing good articles with very good style of writing, but it can only get better.

For me, that is the magic quote that gets me going, what is yours, and why do you go back to it again and again?

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